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Early Support From A Long Beach Sexual Harassment Attorney

Many men and women find that they are working in hostile workplaces. In some companies in Long Beach, issues like sexual harassment are not taken seriously, or there may be no formal process for reporting sexual harassment on the job.

In other situations, men and women working for Long Beach companies may have very real fears of retaliation for reporting sexual harassment. This often occurs if the person doing the harassing is in upper management or is seen as a vital employee to the business, and the person who is being harassed is in a lower position within the company hierarchy.

Regardless of the specific factors, if workplace comments about sex, demands or requests for sexual favors, or even inappropriate jokes or words are used that create a sense of threat or discomfort, you may have a sexual harassment case.

Talking to a Sexual Harassment Attorney

When there are concerns about talking to HR or talking to a manager about the harassment, talking to a sexual harassment attorney should be a priority. The attorney can listen to the information you provide and make recommendations based on your best interests.

A sexual harassment attorney can provide assistance in how to make the initial report, how to communicate the information, and how to protect yourself from both retaliation as well as future harassment. There is also the option to move forward with legal action against the employer if the harassment is not stopped.

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