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FAQs Related To What You Should Ask A Traffic Lawyer In Warrenton, VA

In Virginia, drivers receive traffic citations due to a violation of traffic laws. These citations can equate to hundreds of dollars. However, the driver could fight these citations based on applicable defenses. The following are FAQs related to what you should ask a traffic lawyer in Warrenton VA.

What are the Penalties for a First-Offense DUI?

The current penalties for a first-offense DUI begin with a fine that ranges from $250 up to $2,500. The next penalty is a one-year driver’s license suspension. They could also spend up to five days in county lockup.

The driver faces administrative penalties as well. They equate to one-year license suspension, the cost of an ignition interlocking devices. They also face additional costs for the reinstatement of their driver’s license.

What is the Mistake of Fact Defense?

Drivers can use the mistake of fact defense under conditions in which the violation isn’t their fault. For example, they cannot be charged with a speeding ticket if the speed limit sign was covered by overgrown bushes and wasn’t visible. The same rules apply to speed limits signs. Additionally, if pedestrian crosswalk markers aren’t visible, they can use this defense as well.

What does Legally Justified Mean?

When faced with a traffic violation drivers can use the defense of that their actions were legally justified in certain circumstances. Drivers who pull over into another lane to avoid a bee due to an allergy are justified. If they were speeding to escape a would-be attacker, they are justified.

What is a Necessity to Avoid Harm Defense?

A traffic violation that was performed to avoid an accident is justified as the driver was trying to prevent harm. These circumstances equate to the prevention of possible injuries for the driver as well as those around them.

In Virginia, traffic violations lead to citations and fines for local drivers. These citations are based on the severity of the violation. For example, DUI leads to the highest fines as they place more individuals at risk of injuries. Drivers who are facing these violations contact us to hire a Traffic Lawyer in Warrenton VA today.

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