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Filing for Benefits – Why Help from a Social Security Law Firm Matters

It’s just a few months until retirement, so now is the right time to think about filing for Social Security benefits. Many people assume that the process is simple and that everything will go smoothly. While that’s true in most cases, there can be complications along the way. One of the best ways to avoid issues is to talk with an attorney at a Social Security law firm before filing the application.

Going Over the Questions

One of the most probable reasons why claims are rejected has to do with the quality of the answers provided by the applicant. When the responses to the questions are somewhat vague, that’s all it takes to return the claim unapproved. By choosing to work with a lawyer at a Social Security law firm, it’s possible to go over each response and ensure nothing is left to chance. Thanks to the attention to detail, the odds of having the application go through and the benefits beginning on time are much higher.

Seeing a Lawyer After a Rejection

If the applicant filled out the paperwork without legal assistance and found that it was returned, it does make sense to seek help from a lawyer. The legal counsel will go over every detail of the rejected application and identify where the responses are lacking. Keep in mind that the lawyer will not stop at the first sign of an issue. That’s important, because the review process probably ended when that first problem was spotted. By going over the entire document with the lawyer before it is submitted a second time, the odds of ending up with a second rejection is kept to a minimum.

Remember that providing all the relevant information is key to success. If the idea of filling out all that paperwork seems a little intimidating, visit now and take a look at the range of services available. Call and arrange for a free consultation. Be sure to take along all the documents needed to provide complete answers to the questions. With help from someone who knows the process well, everything will be in order and the client will begin to receive benefits immediately after retirement.

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