Hiring an Experienced Local Business Litigation Lawyer in Irvine, CA

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Attorney

When you run your own company, you have to protect it and yourself from a variety of legal issues. You cannot risk, for example, a lawsuit because you failed to follow the state and federal wage laws.

However, you may not even know what those laws are without an attorney advising you. You can get the legal advice and advocacy you need when you retain counsel like an experienced local business litigation lawyer in Irvine, CA for your company.

Lawsuit Defense

If an employee sues you over an allegation of miscalculated payments or abuse on-the-job, you need to defend yourself in court. You have the right to retain counsel who can act on behalf of not only your company but also you as its owner.

Your attorney can defend your innocence and provide proof that can refute the allegations of the employee who is suing you. You may win your lawsuit and protect the reputation and future of your company.

Your attorney can also guide the court case toward a settlement if the evidence against you appears difficult to refute. You may pay a smaller amount through a settlement than if the court had ruled against you and issued a judgment in the plaintiff’s favor.

You can find out more about retaining a business litigation lawyer in Irvine, CA online. Reach out to The Law Offices of Neil J. Cacali at https://cacalilaw.com to set up a consultation to discuss your case today.

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