Low-Income Defendants Regain Freedom Before Trial With Help From a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Legal Services

Allowing a person who has been charged with a crime to remain free until a trial is based on the idea that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. The bail system has been set up to reduce the risk of defendants fleeing before trial. They pay a specified amount and receive the money back after the case is resolved one way or another. A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta helps people who cannot afford to pay the required amount.

Money Issues

Many people charged with a crime are struggling with money issues. Low-income individuals living in poverty commit a higher percentage of theft crimes than people at higher income levels. Having to stay in jail until trial or another kind of case resolution is completed can send this person into an even worse financial tailspin since now going to work isn’t possible.

Standard Bail

A Bail Bondsman in Atlanta typically keeps the lines of communication open at all hours since arrests can happen at any time. In many instances, bail is not set by a judge but is a standard amount designated for certain charges. The person could go free quickly if he or she could acquire the money. The person, or a friend or family member, may contact the bail bonds company and apply for help.

Taking Action

Someone who has been charged with a crime and arrested cannot just sit and wait, hoping that something will magically happen to fix this scary situation. Taking action is crucial to retain freedom, continue to earn money, and maintain as stable a life as possible. There is a fee connected with obtaining a bail bond, but that fee is insignificant compared with the potential costs of staying in jail.

Concluding Thoughts

Even when a defendant is guilty of the crime, the arrest can be a wake-up call that he or she is heading down a dangerous and self-destructive path. If the worst happens and a conviction results in a prison sentence, the system still should not be used to keep people in jail before they have been proven guilty or admitted guilt. Browse the Website of Free at Last Bail Bonds to learn about one helpful organization.

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