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Recovering Your Damages Through a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington

Many times people who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit have a hard time to recover damages from the other party, simply because of a legal loophole. This is because the other party is somehow able to prove or convince the courts that the plaintiff is responsible for what happened to him or her, at least 50 percent or more. A Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington understands how difficult this can be for clients and does all that is necessary to help clients win their case. Here are some important facts clients need to know about personal injury law in Washington.

Personal Injury Law in Washington

As in all states and Commonwealths, a statute of limitations is set for civil lawsuits, and if the plaintiff is not aware of this time frame, he or she will lose the opportunity to have the case heard. In Washington, a plaintiff has three years from the date of the accident and injury to file such a lawsuit. The plaintiff will forfeit the right to be awarded damages for the personal injury if the lawsuit is not filed within that window.

More about Personal Injury Law in Washington

Since there are cases where the other party does attempt to prove that the plaintiff was at least partially at fault, the plaintiff in Washington needs to know how to combat this problem. Washington applies the pure comparative fault rule, which means that any percentage the plaintiff is found at fault will be reduced from any damages received. The way to keep this from happening is to be sure that all factual information has been introduced in the lawsuit to show that the other party was clearly the only one at fault.

Who to Call in Gig Harbor, Washington

The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Gig Harbor, Washington area for more than 37 years of trial experience. The attorneys handle all kinds of personal injury cases, such as animal bites, slips and falls and automobile accidents. If there are people who need a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington, the law offices are available. To know more about Anthony C. Otto, visit the website.

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